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Working in Operations at Jumbo

All Operations colleagues work towards a common goal: to keep the servers and software running 24/7. The entire IT landscape within Jumbo is in the hands of this department. Problem management, capacity management and change management are the order of the day. What’s more, we support our developers so that they can continuously build our tools. Immerse yourself in Operations.


Our Operations colleagues are real all-rounders, and the connective force at Jumbo Tech Campus. They are involved in all kinds of projects and maintain close contact with our colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers. They ensure that we have the right systems and services available, based on which Jumbo can build and run. Together with our strong team, we set up powerful processes that make shopping fun every day.

Needless to say, Operations can also help with your more regular IT questions. For example, getting a new employee set up in our systems, preventing outages and fast troubleshooting.

It is also crucial that colleagues’ IT problems are solved quickly, space is freed up and backups are always ready. If the Operations colleagues see that a problem keeps occurring, they will try to find structural solutions in the software to keep everything running smoothly. Our developers need sufficient storage space to continue improving and expanding Jumbo’s tools. Operations employees create that space. And if a system fails, they can dig up the backup in no time at all. In this way, our team is always involved at various points in the organisation.

Our Operations team consists of a broad range of positions:

  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Vendor Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Product Owners

Working at Operations makes your IT heart beat faster. Take a look at our vacancies.

Monitoring the course

Jumbo is developing every day to stay at the forefront. This requires a roadmap, including in the field of IT. What direction do we want to take with the cloud? What system migrations are needed? Operations thinks along about that direction. More importantly, they monitor the route towards it. If our Operations colleagues notice that choices are being made that are not in line with the long-term goals, they will intervene to allow for adjustments.

DevOps and Operations

All of Jumbo is working towards DevOps’ way of working. In other words: the developers who create something also run it themselves. That almost sounds as if our colleagues in Operations have nothing left to do, but thankfully, that is not the case. Although the management of an application lies with the developer who has built it, facilitating the right fundamentals is the task of Operations. Operations looks after the cloud, platform and infrastructure behind the work of developers. This lets other colleagues build Jumbo’s tools undisturbed.

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