What it means to be a Technical Pathfinder at Jumbo

At Jumbo Tech Campus, our customers are at the center of everything we do. Everybody wants to make Jumbo an even more fun and convenient supermarket. Both on- and offline. So, we try to think like our customers. And we join forces with colleagues that operate closer to them, like Tim Meeuwissen, Technology and Transformation Lead. He never, ever, considered the term ‘pathfinder’ to be found in his resumé. It wasn’t the title that he fell for. It was the job that got him. Let’s find out what Tim has to say about his experiences and his road to be a Technical Patfinder.

The start of Tim’s career as a Technical Pathfinder

Tim has been programming the majority of his career. ”I’ve been an entrepreneur in the Enterprise Resource Planning space, developing (from the ground up) Customer Relation Management software, multilingual E-Commerce, Product Information Management, Invoicing systems, Order management tools logistical software and so much more. Sounds like a lot? It was!”

Jumbo is currently maturing its digital journey. Where we started in ‘discovery mode’, we soon realised that a good IT development strategy is paramount in order to succeed as a true omni-channel retailer. We started small — as one does — when we discovered the potential, and grew whenever that seemed necessary. However, scaling IT operations isn’t an easy job to do. When you scale, and you scale fast, you’ll immediately run into all kinds of issues.

Jumbo is quite a big company, and big things just don’t move easy. Pathfinders are tug-boats that talk with whomever needs to be talked to to help them see their path more clearly and steer the ship into the right direction.


Why Jumbo?

I love it @ Jumbo. There are so many great people I call friends working there. Jumbo offers the chance to make meaningful impact on a large scale. Transitioning the digital course of such a big company is a massive undertaking, but one definitely worth the effort, touching the lives of the millions of customers we serve every day.

And it’s not only the product that grows. The people that create the product grow perhaps even more. We work with a lot of talented people and value an open feedback culture. We support each other, professionally as well as personally. That’s why  we become better every day. That’s definitely one of the things that I value most, for myself but also to see in others. It makes me so extremely proud to see people enter a new role and rock it. And let me be clear, rocking it means performing beyond expectation, but also (and maybe more so) it means being vocal when you are insecure, vulnerable, feel demotivated or lacking knowledge.

Jumbo strives to get the optimal result for their customers, the environment and the entire food chain including suppliers. If there’s one supermarket with a heart, it’s Jumbo. And it’s a beating yellow one.


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