Working at La Place

When entering a La Place location, you are greeted by the aroma of fresh delicacies. As a foodie, your pulse will start to quicken, eager to prepare delicious recipes and surprise our guests. Come and help our guests while working in a fun and close-knit team at La Place. You will gain plenty of catering experience here. If you work at one of our La Place locations, no two days are the same. One moment you will be stationed behind the counter and on another in the dishwashing area. You will blend smoothies, prepare sandwiches and bake cakes. Will you join our La Place team?

At our La Place locations you can find a job as:

  • Restaurant employee (job on the side, part-time and full-time)
  • Floor Manager
  • Location Manager


Whether you are a foodie, coffee lover or hospitality fan: you will have a great time at La Place. With us, you won’t be in the coffee corner or at the cash register day in, day out. You will switch between departments and have a great time working in different areas. You will help our guests with a smile. And work hard to give them the most delicious meals.

Our La Place people are more than just restaurant employees. In fact, they do six jobs rolled into one. They are:

  • Host/hostess: giving our guests a warm welcome is right up your alley.
  • Foodie: you prepare all our delicious food with the greatest pleasure. You can talk about the taste experience in detail and thus give the best advice.
  • Barista: a fresh cappuccino with a touch of artwork? We will teach you in no time.
  • Interior stylist: your workplace is always attractive and hygienic. And you can plate the dishes to perfection.
  • People-pleaser: the guest is king. You do everything in your power to make our guests happy.
  • Restaurant hero: you turn every guest into a fan. You achieve this with the tastiest sandwiches, delicious coffee and a permanent smile.

Restaurant experience? No need!

At La Place we won’t ask for years of restaurant experience. We prefer enthusiastic and incredibly guest-oriented employees. You will learn the tricks of the trade with us. Our teams do it together. In other words, the team will take you along into the world of La Place. You learn by doing. And you have an entire team behind you, who are happy to help you progress.

At our in-house Food College, we will immerse you in all things La Place. We make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the industry. And you will learn new preparation techniques and recipes. Everything you need to provide our guests with all the goodness La Place has to offer.

Start working at La Place!