Consultant at Jumbo Tech Campus

Make an impact as a Consultant at Jumbo

Working as a Consultant at Jumbo. What does this entail? Apart from, of course, great colleagues, a fresh company and challenging work? At Jumbo, you work with technology and with people.

Consultants are the bridge between technical professionals and various other departments. Together with the team, they are responsible for translating a wish from the business into an ideally suitable solution. They gather all the wishes and requirements from the business, listen carefully to identify the current shortcomings and then come up with an appropriate proposal. Take, for example, the new implementation of S4. This implementation started with identifying and compiling the wishes from the various teams. Almost all departments within Jumbo will soon be working with this. What an impact!

How to recognize a Consultant at Jumbo:

  • Is skilled in mapping out the wishes and requirements of the business.
  • Has clear oversight of the current projects.
  • Enjoys coming up with solutions that work for everyone. In doing so, we stay as close as possible to a standard solution, so that we really use tooling and software as intended.
  • Is not afraid to do things differently and think outside the box. Consultants also challenge others to maintain this mindset.
  • Loves teamwork! Working together with a scrum team on large projects is a fundamental part of the role.

Do you recognize yourself in these points? Then check out our vacancies!

What makes working at Jumbo so great?

Jumbo employees are part of an IT company with great ambitions. Our goal is to become the leading omnichannel retailer in Europe! This drive is tangible throughout the company because IT is part of everything Jumbo does! Being involved in the new promotion policy is just one example of this. As a Consultant on this project, you’re involved in the entire Jumbo chain and work on a wide range of issues and questions, such as: Where are the actions processed in the system? How is this linked to our online platform? Where is the entire supply chain involved? How is this made financially feasible? This is how a Consultant plays a key role within the organisation.

Furthermore, every employee at Jumbo is part of our family. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are ready to provide the most enjoyable shopping experience. Want to join the party with a team of more than 100,000 Jumbo colleagues?

Working at Jumbo Tech Campus takes it a step further! We are always innovating and working with the latest systems, such as Azure, Cloud, BTP and SAP S/4Hana. Consultants in our Jumbo Tech Campus team enjoy a lot of diversity in their work. Our IT Consultants often work with SAP tooling, but not everyone works on the same projects. You can go in many directions, including Finance, Sales & Pricing, Supply Chain, Master Data or Integration, from which there are again many paths to choose from.

Scrum working

We like efficiency! That’s why we work in various scrum teams. Our teams consist of various developers and IT consultants. There is also a product owner and a scrum master in each team. Each day starts with a brief meeting to talk through the tasks, and a new sprint with the most important tasks opens every two weeks.

Take on the challenge!

Jumbo constantly encounters considerable IT challenges, both for our 700+ stores and our online webshop and app used by millions of customers. Curious about the challenges that a Consultant often has to deal with?

  • Working with a clear schedule.
  • Challenging the business can sometimes be a challenge in itself. For example, the Consultant often has the knowledge in-house, but sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion to move the entire team.
  • We all progress together! The needs of our customers change on a daily basis. In a world that is constantly moving forward, it can sometimes be difficult to take the time to optimize ongoing processes. But this is actually very important! This interplay brings with it a lot of interesting and enjoyable challenges.

In charge of your own development at Jumbo

How do you structure your own career? That is a question that every Jumbo employee asks himself/herself. Our Consultants work in 4 different levels and are therefore able to really progress and grow! At Jumbo we believe that anything is possible, which is why we sometimes see the most unlikely career paths. There is a lot of freedom to discover what appeals to you most. Have you found the ultimate challenge? Then draw up a development plan and go for it! In our open work culture, we discuss everyone’s development and everyone is in charge of their own development.

Let’s make IT amazing at Jumbo Tech Campus.