From Brazil to bricks

For Bernardo, there was one word in particular that made him pack his things and leave Brazil behind: Databricks. Learn about his experiences

As you might know, at our Jumbo Tech Campus, you will find people from 23 nationalities. Some came from countries that are – relatively- close to the Netherlands. Others travelled thousands of miles to come and work here. These colleagues all have their reasons to do so. Such as more career opportunities, a better overall quality of life, or the attraction of the challenges that come with organization as complex and layered as Jumbo. 

For Bernardo, Data Engineer at Jumbo Tech Campus, it was that attraction. But there also was one word in particular that made him pack his things and leave Brazil behind: Databricks. Read on and find out why he thinks this type of tooling is essential for Jumbo. And, of course, to learn about his experiences during his first months on Dutch soil. 

Job wish list

Bernardo is a true ambassador for Databricks: “I had kind of a job wish list. Being challenged and working with modern tools and technologies were easily the most important bullet points. So, when Jumbo HR reached out to me through LinkedIn and told me I could work with Databricks, it really sealed the deal for me. I’m a real Databricks fan, I even made a Youtube clip about working with it. 

For those who are not familiar with Databricks: It’s a big data analysis service and, since 2017, a first-party service on Microsoft Azure. 

Massive amounts of data

According to Bernado, having tooling such as Databricks is no luxury for Jumbo: It’s a necessity. We need a solid, reliable, and safe tool to put the massive amounts of data we generate, to good use. We have all this data from our stores, our online activities, our warehouses and so much more. With standard or outdated tooling or systems, there’s just no way you can work your way through it all and present it in such a way that it helps people gain insights and make decisions based on facts and numbers. 

Modern Times

Overall, Bernado is happy about the state of Jumbo’s technology and systems. “There’s still an awful lot of companies out there that employ outdated software or systems. Here on the campus, we work with modern equipment, platforms, and tooling. It’s one of the reasons he chose Jumbo over those other companies. Bernardo: “This is a challenging environment as far as IT is concerned. Working here helps me grow as a professional fast.” He laughs as he adds “And I believe it won’t do my market value any harm, too.”

The relocation

He always knew he wanted to go work abroad. But he was just a bit anxious about the relocation. Bernardo: “So, I read a few stories about other people that left their country to join the Jumbo Tech Campus. I learned they help you make the transfer as smoothly as possible and that you will be assisted and guided every step of the way. I particularly loved the fact that they would also help you relocate your family. I don’t have a family yet. I may start one if I ever go back to Brazil. Or I could meet the love of my life here and stay indefinitely. I’m young, so there’s time for that later on in my life. 

Like his other colleagues from abroad, Bernardo boarded the plane in the comfort of knowing that he had the right visa and an apartment waiting for him in Eindhoven. Bernardo: “I feel really lucky about that. I hesitate to think how I would have to arrange that myself. Especially when you know about the housing issues over here. But it all worked out and here I am, on a new adventure.” 

The one-man unboxing party

In addition to his new apartment, there was something else that really made him feel that adventure had started, was unpacking his new equipment. Bernardo: “I know, to some this may sound foolish, but I enjoy unpacking a brand-new laptop, keyboard, and other stuff I get to use. It’s one of life’s small pleasures for me.” 

In Bernardo’s mind, every cloud has a silver lining. Since he doesn’t own a car, he relies on public transportation: “Getting to and from here takes up quite some time. On the bright side: there’s a very cool gym here. I use it frequently, so I won’t have to do that after I get home. And in the restaurant here, I can eat whenever I want, so before I hop on the buss, I already had a good meal and during the transit I have time to do some reading.” 

And then there’s the Dutch lunch…

As he talks about the restaurant, he laughs: “One thing I don’t understand about the Dutch is their way of lunching. You all eat such tiny meals. Like the ‘boterham met kaas” (A sandwich – often whole wheat – with some slices of cheese). How can you survive on a minuscule snack like that? I really need a proper meal halfway during the day.” 

He also has a tip for anybody relocating to the Netherlands: “Be aware of the standard of living over here. It won’t be the case for every other country, but I was shocked to see how little my Brazilian Reals were worth over here. After a few weeks you’ll get your first salary and it’s no longer a problem. But please make sure you have access to enough money to get by in that first, short period.

The right choice

Having dealt with that minor issue, Bernardo now doesn’t regret his decision for even a single minute. “I love it here. I really like the Dutch style of working and living. The people here are friendly, just like my colleagues. They were very welcoming, and they really do treat you as a guest. When I walk towards a group of colleagues talking in Dutch, they switch to English as soon as the see me. 

To me, that’s one of the many things that tell me I have made the right choice coming to the Netherlands and especially to the Jumbo Tech Campus.”

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