Jumbo Academy

Welcome to The Jumbo Academy

Achieve your goals at Jumbo. Whether you are going to work on the shop floor, on the distribution floor, on the catering floor or at the head office: we will make sure that you continue to grow, develop and learn anywhere. So that you can achieve your goals. And so that we make shopping more fun every day. We believe that everyone has a talent, and that everyone’s talent is different. With Jumbo Academy, learning every day is fun.

At the helm of your development with Jumbo Academy

At Jumbo, you don’t just develop on your own. You learn together with colleagues on the work floor. And in addition, you grow through Jumbo Academy training courses and education. No matter what your job is, we have suitable training opportunities. You can develop in the position you are in, move on to the next step or take a course or training. We consider you the entrepreneur of your talent, which means that at Jumbo you are the one who is in control of your personal development.

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Jumbo Academy

Once you start working at Jumbo, you will immediately be invited to Jumbo Academy. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to cram for exams. Because here at Jumbo, you can learn through gaming. Yes, you heard that right. What better way to prepare yourself for your part-time job than playing Jumbo FANS – the game? You will master the Jumbo DNA in no time and will be able to list Jumbo’s 7 Zekerheden in your sleep. Step into our virtual store, engage in conversation with our customers and turn them into real fans.

Working and learning at Jumbo

And the learning curve doesn’t stop there, because once you have started at Jumbo, you will continue to grow and learn. With training courses, but also through education. How about obtaining your MBO diploma while working at Jumbo? Or completing your HBO bachelor’s degree at your Jumbo store? Your supervisor will examine the possibilities with you. So you can learn while earning some extra cash.

Everyone who follows a learning path with us will be able to tell you that learning at Jumbo is fun. We can help you complete your MBO or HBO education in the field of retail management or entrepreneurship – just reach for the stars!