Jumbo Foodcollege

Working at Jumbo Food college

Jumbo Food College is our innovation and development centre for food and drinks. At this Food College, we develop fresh, tasty and inspiring products, meal solutions and recipes for Jumbo and La Place. In other words: this is where hospitality and retail come together: the best of both worlds and unique in the market.

A better food experience

At Jumbo and La Place, we are convinced that we can learn a lot from one another while renewing and improving the food experience in our supermarkets and La Place locations. By working together, we can develop faster and better. From coffee to cake and from stews to sushi – we develop it all in-house. Now that’s quite unique!

In our advanced cookery studio in Veghel, we work with passion on new food innovations and improving existing products. Needless to say, we do not do this alone, but in close cooperation with colleagues like the Assortment Managers from the Buying & Merchandising department at our head office. Which, by the way, is just around the corner – how convenient!

Passion for food

The Food College team consists of around 25 enthusiastic colleagues, all with a passion for food, innovation, retail and hospitality. A versatile team of product development managers, chefs, food & beverage coaches, food technical developers, nutritionist specialists and more.

Taste, quality, presentation and health: these are just a few of the spearheads our Food College colleagues work on. Being part of this team is quite a responsibility, but a lot of fun at the same time. And as the retail and hospitality landscape changes continuously, we are often looking for new colleagues to join the team. People who have experience with fresh food preparation, and who think that trends and (food) concepts are more-ish.

Would you like to see your product on the shelves?

Do you want to know what makes working at Jumbo Foodcollege so enjoyable? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Just imagine the kick out you will get out of contributing to the (further) development of beautiful products and food innovations for Jumbo and La Place, and seeing those products on the shelves throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Something to be proud of!