Jumbo's delivery service

With a big smile and a generous dose of friendliness, our delivery drivers take the shopping to our customers’ homes. No one gets up as close and personal with our customers like our delivery drivers, which makes working for the delivery service unique. It also offers lots of freedom. Join us in the world of Jumbo home delivery drivers.

Take your store onto the road

Our delivery service is a Jumbo store on wheels, as it were. As a delivery driver, you take the shopping to people’s homes, because they are short on time, for example. Or to our corporate customers, to nursing homes or day-care centres. After all, your van also has room for a delicious company lunch. Whatever the reason, you deliver the shopping with pleasure.

Working for our delivery service requires more than just being a good driver. You should be alert, aware that you are a moving advertisement, and fit. After all, even if a customer lives on the fourth floor and the building has no lift, you still need to deliver the shopping with a smile.

And when you come back to our site, you can make yourself comfortable in our living room with the other delivery drivers. You can have a chat with colleagues, before and after work. We enjoy hanging around for a drink, and playing table football or watching sports together. And if you are dragging three crates full of shopping up six flights of stairs for the third time in a day, why not send a fun picture to the group chat! In this close-knit team, we all enjoy a little schadenfreude every once in a while.

Interested in a job as a delivery driver at Jumbo? Take a look at our vacancies.