Working in our supermarket

You can’t wait to start working at Jumbo. And we can’t wait for you to be a part of our team. To be 100% sure that Jumbo is the right employer for you, we will take you for a walk around the shop floor. We will show you the work in the supermarket and ensure that you know exactly what to expect.

Working in a Jumbo Supermarket

Did you know that, apart from supermarkets, there are also Jumbo City stores and Jumbo Foodmarkten? In these stores, everything is a little different. You can find out more about this in the articles at the bottom of this page. But for now, let us take you to the shop around the corner. Welcome to your new home: the Jumbo supermarket. Did you grab a shopping basket? Let’s take a tour of our departments together. As you move from baked goods to fresh food you will meet everyone, from shelf stackers to cashiers.

The fresh food department

The first department you see when you enter a Jumbo supermarket is the fresh food department. This is where you will find our freshly baked bread, pastries, vegetables, fruit and fresh cheese and meat products. Our sales staff in the fresh food department know the products, create a perfect display and help our customers with every question about fresh food.

A great entrance and a nice ending

You will probably have noticed during your tour of the Jumbo supermarket that our shelves are always stacked as well as possible and the products are all neat and straight on the shelf. This is the job of our shelf stackers. They make sure that our customers can find everything they need and that the shop always looks spick and span. If a customer can’t find a product, they know exactly where to find it and are always happy to accompany the customer to the right place.

Now a perfect-looking store does not depend on stacked shelves alone, which is why all the employees team up to display campaign material, perform hygiene checks and do the cleaning.

Found everything? Excellent, time for the last station of your shopping trip: the checkout. Our cashiers greet you with a smile and make grocery shopping fun. And from their perfect position near the cash registers, our Service Desk employees answer customer questions, help with complaints and manage the cashier team. Fast, good and friendly: these are our goals.

Every job at a Jumbo supermarket may be different, but together we are one team. If you are curious to find out how many hours you will work, when you will work and what you will earn, please check the information under ‘vacancies’. We will be happy to tell you more during an introductory meeting.

A hobby rather than a job

We wouldn’t call working at Jumbo ‘working’. You will make new friends on the work floor and during your shifts, you and the team will have a lot of fun together. We work hard, but we also play hard. We help each other where necessary. If you don’t know the answer to a customer’s question, your colleague surely will. You will see, every day at Jumbo feels like a fun time with friends.