Working in the Cloud

If our colleagues in the field have an idea today, then our Cloud architects and Cloud engineers will have implemented it in no time. This is how we realise a new functionality or application in a short time span, and grow even faster. Working in the Cloud allows our colleagues to work on and gain access to applications and functionalities. For Jumbo Tech Campus, by Jumbo Tech Campus. Let’s make IT amazing!

Working at Jumbo You want it

We have 4 Cloud jobs for you!

Enabling Growth in the Cloud

Jumbo is growing every day. Technology is constantly evolving as well. The Cloud is an important link between the two. Our architects and engineers make digitisation possible in a more comprehensive way. Coding, writing scripts, developing applications and enabling automation: all with one and the same goal of making our colleagues’ work easier and more efficient.

What are our colleagues working on, you ask? Take the collaboration with Gorillas, for example. Getting the order systems of Jumbo and Gorillas to communicate flawlessly is absolutely critical. Before the Cloud era, we would have had to order servers, install them and build an application. Now, we managed to create an application in the Cloud in no time.

From legacy to Cloud

Working in the Cloud allows us to scale up and down where necessary, adjust things easily and have unlimited space for expansion. At the same time, there are still old systems that were built traditionally: we bought software, installed it and trained people to manage it. Our legacy. We are transferring these systems to the Cloud in order to make these possibilities infinite as well.

Working on Cloud solutions means indirectly working for Jumbo customers. The direct customers of our Cloud architects and Cloud engineers are, in fact, the developers of our Tech Campus. They help them make the shopping experience even more enjoyable for all Jumbo customers.

Seeing, tackling, solving

On the work floor, we can recognise people’s pains and gains, and we anticipate which ones we should expect. We solve these problems by redesigning or automating processes. This is how we create certain building blocks in the Cloud that our colleagues can work with independently. We also build complete applications that developers continue to build on.

Together for growth

We make Jumbo together. We can only grow together. In multidisciplinary teams, the Cloud contributes to this growth. Our teams consist of a variety of positions and roles. This includes Cloud engineers and Cloud architects who collaborate with pathfinders, developers , data engineers, SAP consultants and data scientists, among others. We complement each other seamlessly and together, we set a movement in motion.

Together, we bring the knowledge; spreading this knowledge among ourselves is important to us. This is already happening on the workfloor among colleagues. And we offer them every opportunity to brush up on their knowledge. This way, teams reinforce each other and Jumbo keeps getting better. Will you contribute to that?

Let’s make IT amazing in de Cloud.