Developer at the Jumbo Tech Campus

Jumbo is committed to improving and developing herself every day. And at the core of that development is Jumbo Tech Campus, the place to which you, as a developer, are indispensable. Together with employees from all around the world, you work in scrum teams to make IT amazing. We learn from and challenge each other in an open culture with plenty of room for individual ideas. Using the latest technology, we arrive at the most innovative solutions that are better than our competitors'. If you think you are well suited to this environment where you work with top notch developers, then Jumbo is the right fit for you!

Jumbo Tech Campus

Working at Jumbo You want it

Developers who take Jumbo to the next level!


  • want nothing more than to work as a front-enddeveloper with Vue;
  • would love to go crazy as a back-enddeveloper with Java or js;
  • are keen to work with the latest technology, such as BTP, as a SAP developer;
  • enjoy sparring with colleagues who are just as excited about Java as you are;
  • can’t wait to work with multiple clouds;
  • have a true DevOps mindset;
  • are multilingual and fluent in at least one coding language.

You have the knowledge as a developer

The knowledge you have built up is impressive. Ogs, Node.js, JAVA or SAP S/4HANA: you can do them in your sleep. At Jumbo Tech Campus, we build applications based on this technology and we automate and develop micro services for our customers. These customers include the store managers in our supermarkets as well as our own colleagues.

Thanks to our teams, shopping items are always available. Customers can find everything online in the app or on the website, our stores are always stocked, our products are available through Gorillas, and our cash register systems in the store work even better. And the great thing about our work is that you can immediately see the results of your hard work.

Virtually everything we create is done in the cloud. To this end, we have a service-oriented architecture in which we develop various micro services. This can be done on Azure, AWS, Google or SAP Cloud. To keep our SAP S/4HANA system as ‘clean’ as possible, we often develop on SAP BTP or create micro services with JAVA or Node.js. It goes without saying that these systems hold no secrets for you.

Take on the challenge as a developer

Jumbo is constantly dealing with significant IT challenges, both for our 700+ stores and online with our website and app, which are used by millions of customers. In addition, we are continuously working on the logistics processes of our distribution centres and the supply of our stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. With our latest technology, Jumbo is always miles ahead of the competition.

Show us what you’ve got

Are you in your element when you are working with the latest systems, platforms and technologies that make you successful? Or if projects are going your way? Great news: you can make this happen at Jumbo. In fact, we challenge you to do so. So: claim your space and make Jumbo even better!

DevOps teams

You build it, you run it: the DevOps mindset is leading at our Tech Campus. You and your team will autonomously work together on projects. This means you can expect to have a group of bright minds around you. From designers to consultants, from conception to going live: you are in charge together. You bear responsibility for what you make and, your creations are robust. You test them regularly and fine-tune them until they are ready for launch. And even after that, you remain in the picture, monitoring, logging and tweaking where necessary.

Let’s make IT amazing at Jumbo Tech Campus. 

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