Word de personal shopper voor onze klanten in een Jumbo EFC. E-Fulfilment.

Working in a E-Fulfilment Center

What do you think your job would entail if you were to work in a Jumbo E-Fulfilment Center (EFC)? Grocery shopping for half the country in the biggest Jumbo supermarket you can imagine! Most people start as a personal shopper, making sure that all the products on a customer’s shopping list end up in the right crate. Does being a personal shopper at Jumbo tickle your fancy? Read on and find out what it’s all about! 

Ordered online, collected by you

Think of our EFC as a giant supermarket. Once a Jumbo customer has ordered their shopping online, you’re up next! You take their shopping list and start order picking. Also, you don’t collect everything on the list, but only what the customer needs from your department. You carry on this way until you have filled a trolley with 15 crates of shopping. Got everything you need from the fresh food section? Off you go to the personal care products!

  • Arnhem
  • 12-24 vacature-uur