Improve the applications as an IT tester at Jumbo

IT testers are the first to get a look at the new developments of our developers. It’s their job to try out, scrutinize and form an opinion on the innovations and changes. For example, they test adjustments in the SAP environment, backend systems, the Jumbo website or in one of the various Jumbo apps. The testers know our customers better than anyone else and know what they want. They test, orientate and advise. They do what it takes to ensure optimal functionality. For Jumbo and for our customers. Let’s make IT amazing!

What are we testing today?

The testers have to be critical. Thanks to their scrutiny and attention to detail, they take quality to the next level. They get a lot of freedom within their own expertise. For example, they become specialists in:

  • SAP systems
  • Jumbo website
  • JumboApp for employees
  • Jumbo Foodcoach app

IT testers are indispensable

Jumbo’s technology is constantly growing and IT testers are indispensable in providing momentum to the innovation. Think of the tester as the link between developers and users. They’re aware of the assignment of the developers, while also keeping in mind the user-friendliness. Can a user get through the process? Is that person running into glitches? Can the user break something? These are all things that a tester considers.

The IT testers have a big responsibility. A tester can even stop a new development. Because if a tester is not convinced of the user-friendliness or the functionality, the project has to go back to the drawing board. And that means back to the developers.

Seize the opportunities

At Jumbo, the opportunities are up for grabs. This is how ambitious IT testers carve a path at our Jumbo Tech Campus. They are critical, creative and know their own minds. We like to provide space for ideas, and an IT tester will jump right into that space to share brilliant plans with colleagues.

You won’t do it alone

At Jumbo, we believe in team work and collaboration. We can only grow together. That’s why testers always work in a team. Our teams consist of Jumbo experts with a wide range of functions: analysts, developers and testers. The analyst talks to the Business and then passes on the assignment and wishes to the developer, who gets to work on the assignment. Once that step is complete, it’s sent to the tester. That’s how everything comes together.

Some of the qualities a tester has in-house

  • A critical eye
  • Drive
  • Perseverance
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical ability
  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Knows their own mind

From IT Tester to Analyst

Once a tester, always a tester? While that’s possible, it does not necessarily have to be the case. From the starting function as a tester, there are many paths to take. This could be as a tester within another team or department or, for example, progress to become an analyst. Career growth opportunities. Ready to seize the opportunities?

Let’s make IT amazing als IT-tester.