Pathfinder at Jumbo Tech Campus

Jumbo is growing and developing every day, also digitally. That's where our pathfinders come into the picture. They plot the route for our digital journey. They spot trends and innovations, getting right to the bottom and investigating whether they might be a good fit for Jumbo. They know all the ins and outs of Jumbo's long-term vision and their job is to outline the most efficient way to make it work. Read more about the work of a pathfinder at Jumbo Tech Campus.

Pathfinder bij Jumbo Tech Campus

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Plotting the route as a Pathfinder at Jumbo Tech Campus

Pathfinders have a good eye for new developments. State-of-the-art technologies and methods make their hearts skip a beat. Our technology and design pathfinders bridge the gap between business and technology. They hold regular sparring sessions within the sector to get to the heart of short and long-term goals. They keep an eye on the road towards these goals, and any side roads, if relevant. If Jumbo Tech Campus wants to implement a new technology, the pathfinders advise whether this choice will contribute to the long-term goal.

”You could see pathfinders as our intrapreneurs: when they believe in something, they will do everything in their power to integrate it into the organisation.” 

Leading the route

Simply taking a new path and hoping that colleagues will follow is not the strategy of choice for pathfinders. Much of the work involves keeping abreast of state-of-the-art technology and innovations, thinking about Jumbo’s future, and finding out what colleagues need.

If they come across something that looks like a perfect solution for one of our processes, they dive right in to investigate all the ins and outs. Once a pathfinder has found a new, suitable route, they bring the rest of our colleagues on board. Their goal: to convince others that this development or solution improves Jumbo and makes the work more efficient.

Making the work of colleagues more efficient, easier and more profitable: that is the pathfinders’ goal in concrete terms. One example of something they are working on is investigating whether we can build applications more easily with the help of low-code software, so that developers do not always have to write complete codes. A proof of concept will have to show whether we want to roll out new initiatives within the Tech Campus.

Independent and connective

Assertive, enterprising and connective: these are the traits of a pathfinder. Set your own agenda, actively seek out innovations and be motivated to improve Jumbo. A pathfinder’s working week is incredibly varied. You will dive into meetings with stakeholders and colleagues and contribute to roadmap sessions. You will keep abreast of the future vision of various technological developments, and continually think about what makes an impact. To this end, you will take some distance from the organisation, shift your focus and constantly discover new paths that bring Jumbo closer to the vision of the future.