Working in a Distribution Center

The shelves in our Jumbo stores are always as fully stacked as possible, so that our customers can tick off all the items on their shopping lists without a sweat. And all of that starts in the distribution centre, where you make sure that the tastiest and freshest products end up in the right supermarket. Or where you may process everything that comes back from the shops, such as beer crates or empty bottles. Without you, there would not be any Jumbo supermarkets as we know them!

What is it like to work in a Jumbo distribution center?

The distribution center consists of two main departments: the returns center and the collection department. The collection department is often subdivided into departments for fresh and chilled products, and other shopping items. You will work at either the returns center or one of the collection departments. And there is a wide range of jobs available including office jobs, managerial positions and truck drivers.

Watch the video below for more information regarding Jumbo’s supply chain.