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Relocating to the Netherlands as an IT professional

First and foremost, we find it fantastic that you are considering joining Jumbo for an IT job! We value transparency and clarity, and that is always a two-way process. In  the supermarkets we turn our customers into fans, this is also what we want for our IT recruitment process. Our process should be speedy, uncomplicated with a human touch! So, from the moment your first contact takes place, your experience should be all of these things.

Moving for a job to another country or to the other side of the world might feel like moving a mountain. That is where our specialized relocation service (only for our IT related jobs*) comes in. We want you to arrive in the Netherlands fresh and ready for a new adventure, so our team helps with every step of our relocation process from visa/work permit to the shipping of your belongings and  temporary housing. Any questions you have, please don’t hold back because of the language, we all speak and write English.

* Please be aware that we only offer relocation service for IT vacancies

The relocation process (only for IT jobs)

Jumbo will provide you extra services regarding the relocation proces for foreign people who are willing to work as an IT professional at Jumbo. You will stay in contact with the EY Coordination office and Jumbo Headquarters, as you will be guided through the proces of moving to the Netherlands.

“The support was amazing. From the very first visit to  know the company and meet the people that I would be working with, everything went flawlessly. Jumbo teams were willing to provide the best experience for  the potential employee, even before you had accepted  any offer. You truly feel that the company wants you to  join and be part of the family…”

The relation service is only offered for these IT jobs

Moving to the Netherlands

Location of Jumbo headquarters
Jumbo headquarters is located in Veghel, near the city of ‘s-Hertogensbosch and 20km removed from the high-tech Brainport area: Eindhoven. Most of our international colleagues, who also moved to the Netherlands, currently live in either Eindhoven or Den Bosch due to the cosmopolitan feel and culture of both cities.

City ‘s Hertogensbosch
You will really enjoy living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch if you like a beautiful, historic city centre with an imposing gothic cathedral and a relaxed, burgundian culture of its own. ‘s-Hertogensbosch or just ‘Den Bosch’ for short, organizes some fantastic (food) events during the year, but the city is also known for her nice boutiques, shops and a good nightlife.

City: Eindhoven
You will love Eindhoven if you like a high-tech city, diverse restaurants from all over the world, international schools, lots of shops, bars, football (PSV Eindhoven) and a relaxed, Southern, enjoy-life mentality.

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