Working at Jumbo Tech Campus

Can you see yourself experimenting with self-scanning shopping trolleys that allow you to walk straight out with your shopping? Optimising the customer journey for our website and app? At Jumbo Tech Campus we use the latest technologies to make our customers’ shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Join the IT company with the highest ambitions, aiming to become the leading omni-channel retailer in the Netherlands, or even Europe! And this drive can be felt all around because IT is part of everything Jumbo does!

There is a reason why Jumbo Tech Campus is called a campus. At Jumbo, we educate people, you can keep learning, and we offer plenty of career opportunities. Whether you are just starting your career or already have a wealth of experience. Together, we are strong! The Tech Campus is a family of software engineers, Cloud architects and iOS developers. Jumbo is looking for talent at every level. We learn from each other. And together, we are growing every day.

Let’s make IT Amazing

At Jumbo, you will have your own store within the store, as it were. What do we mean by that? It means that, as part of a team, you will have ownership of a part of the customer journey. You and your team will develop, release, manage and monitor the projects yourselves. So you are the owner of your personal challenge. Together with the team of course, working closely with a group of colleagues who complement each other and who achieve goals together.

At our Tech Campus, you will sink your teeth into the challenges that Jumbo faces. Dive into ‘NUXT as a platform’, discover the world of the Cloud and examine the applicability of state-of-the-art technology together with your peers. Solve puzzles in our supply chain, so that with your help, we make an impact! Simplify the work of 100,000 colleagues in our stores and ensure that millions of customers can do their grocery shopping without a hitch. Let’s make IT amazing!

Within Jumbo, everyone is equally yellow. We have no distinction between managers, developers and consultants. Jumbo Tech Campus consists of lots of colleagues with more than 50 different nationalities. Everyone works with each other and for each other. Everyone’s door is always open. Figuratively speaking, that is: our workplace is one large open space, meaning there are quite literally no barriers in working together.


Opportunities for the asking

The food retail sector is always in motion, just like technology. New developments follow each other in rapid succession. As a result, Jumbo continues to grow. And that’s good for you: due to this growth, we are always looking for talent and creative, innovative solutions, offering you continuous opportunities: from cool projects to career opportunities. Grab them with both hands! After all, if you have the drive to develop and grow, anything is possible at Jumbo Tech Campus. Together, we can bring the Jumbo of the future to the here and now: together, we can build the next-generation shopping experience.

Let’s make IT amazing!